Here, you can find all of my personal TTRPG projects to date. I've been designing games on and off since 2021, and in my TTRPG work so far I've focused on making worldbuilding microgames. 


(As mentioned in Polygon!)

Wordlebuilding is a worldbuilding game/tool that uses completed Wordle results to procedurally generate maps of a fantasy setting. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to an area of the map – e.g. a village; a jungle; a temple – and the colour of each square in the Wordle mosaic determines how safe and well-resourced each area is. I really enjoyed thinking about the unique design affordances presented by Wordle, and fiddling with the procedural generation mechanics to get the balance of natural features and weird magical places just right.

Wordlebuilding was my entry to The Wordle Jam, an game jam by Matthew R.F. Baloušek. You can download it for free or pay-what-you-want on my itch page.

A promotional image for Wordlebuilding. The game's title is written in capital letters against a white background. The letters alternate between green, yellow and grey in the same shades as those used in Wordle.
Wordlebuilding logo by Rowan Pierce, using the Georama Regular font by Production Type.

This Land

This Land is a collaborative worldbuilding microgame, written in just 280 characters. It asks players to answer worldbuilding prompts and pass their paper to the next player at the end of each act, Exquisite Corpse-style. Making the prompts both broad and evocative within such a tight constraint was a very fun challenge! 

This Land was my entry to the Micro Fiction Game Jam (2021), run by James Chip. You can find the full text of the game for free on the jam's website.

A promotional image for 'This Land'. It's an illustration of an island shore, lined by trees. There is a rocky waterfall to the left of the treeline, and on the right some people are sitting on the beach next to a smaller rock. A large tidal wave can be seen in the background, against a clear blue sky. Below the illustration, the game title 'This Land' is written in a font that looks like neat handwriting.
This Land logo by Rowan Pierce, using the following assets under the Canva Free Content License:
    • Young People Playing Card Games by Sketchify
    • Sky Gradient background by Olena Kiyan 
    • Corporate Buildable Rock, Corporate Buildable Waterfall, Corporate Buildable Beach, and Corporate Buildable Trees by imagineHarry from Trendify
    • vintage sailor sea vector by dansdesign
    • Better Together Spaced font by Katsia Jazwinska

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