Rowan Pierce

Hi! I'm Rowan Pierce, a queer and disabled writer, copyeditor, sensitivity consultant, and game designer from the Northeast of England. I use they/them pronouns.

A photo of Rowan Pierce, a white nonbinary person with short black hair and glasses.


"Rowan did a sensitivity read for my novel, Secrets Like Glass. They were professional, friendly, affordable, and transparent about their process every step of the way, and I found their comments very helpful in making my autistic character much more consistent and authentic. I plan to work with them again on future books, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality sensitivity read at a reasonable price." Mariah Norris, Author of Secrets Like Glass

"Rowan is a great professional content writer to work with. Rowan was quick and responsive. Their background, skills, and expertise in gaming and the gaming industry worked out perfectly to understand our needs. Rowan was open to hearing suggestions and made good efforts to meet them. Overall, we were really impressed that Rowan had done some research on our market niche before our first meeting and was able to understand what was needed right away. [Rowan] managed the project efficiently and diligently... always on time." Derrick Agyiri, Founder of Gamenana

"Rowan did editing and sensitivity reading for an article for Bobbit Worm Games on accessibility in online immersive spaces. Communication on the project was clear and timely throughout. The edits they made were fantastic for clarity, grammar and structure of the piece. Though I am disabled myself, they were able to give incredibly useful and insightful notes on different parts of the article with regards to disability that significantly increased the quality of the piece. We are very grateful for Rowan's edits and would definitely use their services again." – Hazel Dixon, Creative Lead at Bobbit Worm Games

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"Rowan was extremely patient in… Using their experience, knowledge and clear analysis to explain the problems with my work and providing some great ideas in how they could be handled more sensitively. …Rowan consistently gave me reasonable timelines for how quickly they could work and was incredibly transparent about their schedule throughout the process… despite my limited budget they provided first class feedback.

I'd strongly recommend Rowan Pierce for any project that you think may require a sensitivity reader." Liam Macleod, Author

"Rowan was a designer for Millennium Bugs - an online larp that catered for 20-30 players per event. Their role involved creating content for games, designing plot and story structures, and advising on sensitivity and accessibility.

We found them to be an incredibly valuable member of the team. Their content was complex, interesting and extremely well-received by players. Throughout the project, they were consistently prompt and vocal in team meetings, reliably delivering great content to deadlines whilst working remotely, and an excellent team player at all times. Their writing is very engaging and is able to pull on different facets of the medium to create brilliant content.

They were also very useful in terms of accessibility consultation - often picking up on nuanced bits of plot and writing that helped to create an inclusive game. They particularly understand disability representation both in an individual and structural way but are also able to advocate and design for other elements of sensitivity.

Would highly recommend for writing, designing and sensitivity consultation work." Hazel Dixon and Erin Marsh, Creative Leads for Millennium Bugs at Bobbit Worm Games

"Queerly Represent Me worked with Rowan on a collection of best practice guidelines. Rowan responded to the opportunity promptly, provided articulate and well-informed contributions, and was overall a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend them for future freelance and contract work.” – Alayna Cole, Managing Director for Represent Me (formerly known as Queerly Represent Me)

"Rowan proofread my work for a journal article. They provided helpful corrections and comments on a quick turnaround. I would recommend them for any proofreading work." – Miller J. Power, Archaeology Master’s Graduate at Durham University 

"Rowan always brings incredible care and precision to their work and their contribution during the writing of ‘Qweens Speech’ for Dazed magazine was invaluable... they were able to provide valuable knowledge on LGBTQIA+ issues ensuring we had a balanced and thoughtful final script. They go above and beyond when it comes to their work and are clearly very passionate about what they do. We were extremely lucky to have Rowan onboard for this project and we cannot recommend them highly enough." – Zhang & Knight, Directors of Qweens Speech (2019), produced by Acne Studios for Dazed Magazine

“I worked with Rowan on a project in 2019, writing fiction for a mid-sized (~30 attendee) tabletop roleplaying event.

I asked Rowan to edit and proofread fiction that was being used to introduce players to the game’s setting, checking for consistency, phrasing, spelling and grammar and overall flow of the short story.

Rowan picked up on errors that the game team would have overlooked and helped us to rework sections of the material to better deliver the narrative we were looking for; as a result the players received a better insight into the setting they were submitting characters for than they otherwise would have.

I would enthusiastically recommend Rowan for editing and proofreading work of any kind, especially for work of a creative nature." – John Exton, Game Master for The 24 Hour Game

"I had the privilege of working with Rowan (2015-2017) as part of the Trans Workgroup tasked with drafting a Trans Inclusion Statement. 

As a result of the work of this reference group, a statement outlining the issues affecting trans people was drafted, ensuring trans inclusion in the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy in the UK which has been adopted by the psy-professions in the UK.

Rowan was a responsive, reliable and knowledgeable member of the workgroup. 

Rowan modelled accountability, and inclusive consultation, as they were representing the Nonbinary Inclusion Project. 

Rowan was encouraging, patient, reliable, and responsive in all of their communications, definitely qualities which are important when trying to draft a sensitive statement on inclusion under time pressure. 

It was a pleasure to work with Rowan, and their collaboration really helped move the project forward." – Kris Black, member of the committee now known as the Coalition Against Conversion Therapy

"Rowan edited a guide and a funding application for a project we were working on. They were professional and proactive and their editing work was excellent. I would recommend them to other clients." – Alex Hilton, Organiser for Nonbinary Inclusion Project

"Rowan wrote an excellent piece for the Sexpression:UK website on the topic of non-binary gender which was very well received on social media and within the organisation. It was a very eloquent and succinct piece that we were very thankful for. They were very easy to work with and I would happily do so again." – Jack Fletcher, 2015-16 Sexpression:UK Director.

I have experience working on larps, TTRPGs, novels, short stories, blog posts, film scripts, games industry best practice guidelines, academic articles, and web content. 

While I’m open to working on a wide variety of projects, I particularly love sci-fi and fantasy, works by and for queer and disabled people, and games and stories focused on found family and community. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and TTRPGs, as well as organising with my local trans community.

I’m currently closed to freelance work. If that changes, I'll let you know via my social media, so follow me at the links below if you'd like to stay in touch.

Get in touch at, or find me on Mastodon and LinkedIn.